The Meaning….Confused

What do they mean….words

Happiness can be so predictable

Spewing sunflowers and rainbows and kittens and butterflies

The phenomenal phenomenon of being a wanderlust….not lost

Trying to find the end of where it all began

And digging deeper into the congenial souls who wish they could win the Presidential start to finish

Just to start….longing

The difference….it would be

If they cared about society

To rewire the brain to live outside your bubble in the reality of what is

To create a metamorphosis of the emotions of the mind….a balance

A return to what is supposed to be

Please help my friend fulfill his dream:

Thanks much🙂🙂🙂🙂

Help My Friend Finish School

Random Thoughts

Eyes closed…..nose to nose
Thoughts flow through the subconscious minds of unicorns and turtles swimming in
the sea of my mind….that’s unfocused….in fast forward
To the opening of doors and the closing of fingers in the gloves of the doves
Don’t forget the love of the and the chocolate
Pull on my heart strings….in your dreams
Falling down….no getting up
Always up and up and up
To where you want to be….Should be….Are meant to be
Immortal infinity


Words escape my mouth

That don’t always cross my mind

Not normally said

Those words leave my lips

Unintentional hurt

That could lead to the end

The end not deserved

Misunderstood, they were, without thought

No consideration, abomination, cancellation

I wish I could

Erase what was said,  rewind to before

Those words entered my head

The Importance

Steel are the flowers in my soul

In the outlet of my mind

Words feed the hunger in my heart

Fast flowing words that never stop

Beating to the rhythm of the sounds

Sounds that fill my brain with the marks

The never ending marks that create

The music of my life

Jump for the Good and Succesful Year

Surrender to the necessity of the jump

The jump that would not exist if you didn’t already take it

The risk of falling, the fear of failing, the need to be sure of what will be

The destiny that is, and the time that was, and the need for money and power and empowerment

Make it your New year, your Good year, your Happy year

To see beyond what is already there

To go for the green, but not forgetting the red….of the heart….the love….for what is….be still

But don’t wait for the time when it all feels right, when everything is perfect, and nothing will fall apart

Because then you might not try

If there is no try then the answer is no and it all ends there and you’re stuck….not knowing

So let your wings spread and your voice get loud and take the jump….take it

No regrets

To be heard

When all you want is to be heard

But the voice of fear silences your tongue

Bravery is gone….away

To the depths of not understanding what should be heard

Facts matter….Not opinions

No love, No heartbeat

No thoughts about others and their existence….their feelings

Just fear

Fear of being wrong

Fear of what isn’t

Fear of what ifs, and no’s, and tears

Fight the fear

Find the love

And listen

not to call it what i want

There was an urgency behind his smile

That brought the angels back to life

To a life they once knew as familiar and right and good

Away from the shackles of the prison that denied them joy and love

And brought them only pain and sorrow and ghosts of nothing

The emptiness of nothing

The stillness of nothing….wait

That smile….his smile….remember

Hi :)

So I decided to take my challenge and self-publish on Amazon. If you like one or any of my poems please search “Remembering to Breathe” by Liz Campbell. I would appreciate your support….from one blogger to another. Thanks and hope your 2016 has been all you fantastically wished it would be so far! Yay! :):):):) 

Just Be

to be different in the eyes of people who are all the same

in the veins, wearing the same hat, and sporting the same smile of a world that is….

hungry for a change in those people

minus the unwillingness to be willing to be there…to be unique

do not be afraid

for your fears will cause the soul inside of you to forget what it’s like to want to be a unicorn

to be the best version of the most beautiful, amazing, unique, wonderful you

dreaming in your own style, and wearing your favorite purple and green socks with glitter

wear glitter every day if you want-need-desire-want

because you can

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