Anger is not a color in the rainbow of love
It lies in the depths of where most don’t want to tread
Or do they
Not wanting to analyze the whys of the tears and the pain
Or the wheres of it all began
She went on a quest of the confident
To discover the truth behind the self-esteem of the stars and the sun and the joy of the one
Who instead of wallowing in the cries and the sighs of the dramatic
Goes on a smiling crusade because laughter and happiness are automatic
Love of the self is the destination
But many don’t achieve it
Because anger might take away love
If you let her bitter hands steal it


The Power of Education

My friend Henry has been supporting himself completely, while trying to complete his education. Actually, he’s been supporting himself his whole life. His family never had much. He works a $10/hour job, at night, when the work is available, and goes to school during the day. Therefore, he has been getting no sleep and falling behind in school. As a result, he was hospitalized, for exhaustion, last year, so missed school and work, and incurred hospital bills. He also has to help his dad, who recently had brain surgery. Henry is in danger of not being able to finish school on time, thus delaying the process another year. He is already a year behind. He won’t be allowed to take his exam, until he pays for his schooling. Please help him out: https:/


The heat of the heart breathes fire
Not to the fake of the mind in their treachery
But to the souls of the defeated

Don’t Know Why

When the voice is silent the ears won’t listen
And thoughts turn into fallacies and mysteries…an enigma
Unexpected space sends your mind into the dark
When no response is written you wanna give up and forget
Forget the time you gave that you can’t take back
Forget the emotions you felt for a friend you might not have
Memories you feel you wasted, but can’t say why
Hoping for a phone call or a text reply
So you wait patiently for the sun to rise again
For him to call you up again and say “Hey there, friend.”

love: found

far in the distance flew a soft white dove

enthusiastic! she set out on her journey of love

blessed by cupid’s arrow she wanted to be

no longer lost in the throws of caves and envy

lust is not an option in her mind….that’s clear

she wanted it to be real, to be sweet, to be dear

to feel her heart beat out of her chest

to feel alive, the absence of distress

no longer alone, she found her plus one

her love she could share, until her time on earth was done

this too shall pass

think your way out of your mind
crawl your way out of their hands
feed yourself nothing but good
give your heart what you think you should
no one cares what the ending is
no one sees the clear path ahead
sucking the life out of the here and now
drowning in the sorrows of your tears
not knowing that this too shall pass

the fire beneath

i wanna feel alive again
feel the burning desire beneath my skin
the passion for compassion
the innate desire to create
what’s mine….in my head
no dread will take over
will not shoot me dead
with negativity, serenity is what i seek
i go too deep
down to my core, my fire, burning bright
but stifled under a rock of shame
telling me i can’t succeed
feeling…it’s greed
break down the wall….don’t be afraid to fall
for i will rise up
from the ashes of my past….let it go
it’s not part of the show
no spotlight, no fight, no right
away from here needless fear
blow my mind….away….away
you’re not part of my fate
for i will succeed
move past the need of approval
no, it’s just me
who’s reaching for a star
it’s not too far

not to be

thoughts invade her mind with tongues as sharp as fire breathing dragons – relentless
tearing apart what should be into what will never be
so she cried sweet tears over a love she never knew she had, because of her mind
and the thoughts
of not believing what was true and not seeing who he was
she was who he wanted her to be…”his one,” in his mind
in her mind she had to fly, only to return to a love that was lost… never to be
his love – to another
her heart he still had
in his thoughts she still was
forever to stay each “one” and only true love… that couldn’t be

The Warning

To everyone who said I couldn’t
Watch me do what you said I shouldn’t
Watch me soar and watch me fly
Do everything I want….no I won’t comply
With your rules and your words….they all sound absurd
With your contradictions and acts of fiction…no affliction
Try to stop me I won’t break
Try to block me but for your sake
Back away and forget
Those words or feel regret

The Meaning….Confused

What do they mean….words

Happiness can be so predictable

Spewing sunflowers and rainbows and kittens and butterflies

The phenomenal phenomenon of being a wanderlust….not lost

Trying to find the end of where it all began

And digging deeper into the congenial souls who wish they could win the Presidential start to finish

Just to start….longing

The difference….it would be

If they cared about society

To rewire the brain to live outside your bubble in the reality of what is

To create a metamorphosis of the emotions of the mind….a balance

A return to what is supposed to be

Please help my friend fulfill his dream:

Thanks much πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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